Per Risk Capacity
Up to


Multi-year (single aggregate) policies
with policy terms of up to

7 years


Coverage for losses (including defense costs) resulting from third party claims alleging infringement by an insured’s products or services or invalidity of the insured’s intellectual property.

Provides protection against claims that an insured’s owned or licensed products or services infringe upon a claimant’s intellectual property, including in the context of:

  • Infringement lawsuits or invalidity proceedings
  • Contractual indemnification claims by customers, manufacturers, or licensees
  • Both judicial and administrative (e.g., USPTO) proceedings

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Intellectual Property Liability Insurance can be flexibly tailored to:

  • Cover the entirety of a company’s intellectual property portfolio
  • Focus on specific intellectual property assets, products, or services
  • Respond to liabilities in respect of licensing agreements


Intellectual Property Liability Insurance can be utilized by:


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