Whatever the type of company, we can offer an appropriate cyber insurance service.

From agile start-ups to multinational corporations, we know that the nature of cyber risk changes depending on the type of business you are. One size does not fit all.

Our knowledge of Technology and Cyber exposures gives us a deeper understanding of the different types of exposures the continuously evolving risk landscape.

Cyber protection

Our service is delivered through 3 stages of Cyber protection:

Stage 1 – Get ahead

Equipping clients with the tools they need:

  • Our CyBridge portal provides advice and the latest information on evolving cyber risks.
  • Access to our Knowledge Centre with over 500 compliance and risk management resources.

Stage 2 – Take control

Ensuring clients are staying up to speed:

  • Use the Virtual CISO service to leverage unlimited advice from privacy and data security experts.
  • Access to sample plans and procedures to help feel prepared if a cyber event does occur.

Stage 3 – Move Forward

Getting business back on the front foot:

  • 24/7 breach reporting hotline: our team of experts are on hand 24 hours a day to help clients through a cyber event.
  • Our app provides a quick and easy notification process enabling prompt breach reporting to our team of experts.

Cyber protection



Our online training and risk management platform

We deliver a service that doesn't simply insure against risk, but helps businesses to confidently take control of it. CybridgePro is our online training and risk management platform.

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