Specialty clients require custom solutions. Our Public Entity & Non-Profit product provides clients with the flexibility to create a structure, claims approach and loss control program that meets their individual needs.

Put simply, our Public Entity & Non-Profit product is an excess or reinsurance product with a wide range of coverages including Property, Auto Physical Damage, General Liability, Automobile Liability, Errors & Omissions including Employment Practices Liability, Workers Compensation, Law Enforcement Liability, Crime, Crisis Management and Student Practices Liability - all in a single all-lines aggregate policy with clash coverage provided as standard.

Stop Loss or Aggregate excess insurance may be added to provide budget protection, thereby protecting the insured from unexpected loss frequency.  Our underwriters have the experience and expertise to help create a program structure that aligns with our clients' needs.

Key Benefits

  • Provides free access to the Ambridge TEAM platform and loss control dollars may be available for approved risk management initiatives
  • Insurance or reinsurance - primary, excess, memorandum of coverage
  • We work with a TPA of the client’s choice subject to an approval process
  • Clash coverage is automatic within our insurance product and so that the client has one single self-insured retention in the event of a covered loss involving multiple lines of coverage
  • Increased investment income potential since the client holds funds for the self-insured retention until the claim is paid
  • The client retains the benefit of improved loss activity within the self-insured retention (versus transferring those dollars to an insurance carrier)
  • Allows risk transfer of catastrophic losses to specific insurance
  • Reduces expense associated with the purchase of individual policies
  • Will quota share with other carriers on larger risks

Key Benefits

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Doug Ransom

Managing Director, Public Entity & Non-Profit

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