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Cyber Privacy Response

Advances in technology are creating new business opportunities – and new business risks – at an unprecedented pace. Our cyber cover provides small to mid-sized clients with solutions to these new risks so they can fully embrace the opportunities technology offers them.

Cover is provided under three individual limits; Incident Response, Notification and Insurance Protection with the ability to re-deploy the insurance protection limit if required.

Our service is delivered through 3 stages of Cyber protection:

Stage 1 – Get ahead

Equipping clients with the tools they need:
– Our Data Safe portal provides advice and the latest information on evolving cyber risks.
– Access to our Knowledge Centre with over 500 compliance and risk management resources.

Stage 2 – Take control

Ensuring clients are staying up to speed:
– Use the Virtual CISO service to leverage unlimited advice from privacy and data security experts.
– Access to sample plans and procedures to help feel prepared if a cyber event does occur.

Stage 3 – Move Forward

Getting business back on the front foot:
– 24/7 breach reporting hotline: our team of experts are on hand 24 hours a day to help clients through a cyber event.
– Our app provides a quick and easy notification process enabling prompt breach reporting to our team of experts.