Ambridge Europe Limited is committed to ensuring that it and its related business entities are in strict compliance with all regulations and tax laws. With the implementation of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) in 2010, Ambridge Europe Limited has undertaken extensive efforts to ensure that it is in 100% compliance with all reporting and registration requirements under FATCA. In order to assist its business partners in appropriately documenting its compliance, Ambridge Europe Limited created this website page to provide electronic and immediate access to its IRS withholding certificate. Please click on the link below to obtain copies of Ambridge Europe Limited’s IRS Form W-8BEN-E and Form W-8IMY.

IMPORTANTLY, Ambridge Europe Limited is providing electronic access to its withholding certificate to establish its Chapter 4 status under FATCA. This Act may also require action from you and/or your firm. Ambridge Europe Limited recommends that you consult with your tax professional to determine how FATCA may impact you and your business.

NOTICE: The IRS Form W-8BEN-E and Form W8-IMY for Ambridge Europe Limited that are linked on this website are the most current versions of the forms and may be periodically updated. Ambridge Europe Limited requests that all withholding agents, who are relying upon the attached withholding certificates for purposes of tax compliance, to please review this site BEFORE making any with holdable payments to Ambridge Europe Limited or its affiliates in order to ensure that you are utilizing the most current versions of the withholding certificates.


Section 172 Statement


During January 2019, Ambridge Europe GmBH & Co. KG, the Company’s wholly owned German-based managing general underwriter commenced operations with four employees. In addition to serving as a local underwriting presence in the German market, this entity also serves as the European Union underwriting platform for the Group.

In order to stream-line decision making and management reporting structures at the Group, management made several internal promotions during the year. The Directors consider that in addition to providing the relevant employees with an opportunity for advancement, these changes also increased the level of responsiveness provided to the Group’s brokers and insureds under policies issued through the Group.

Another example of the Group’s commitment to providing its employees with the opportunity for development and advancement was the Group’s focus on providing its employees with training and development opportunities. These training seminars or modules were prepared or led by both internal and external resources. This on-going focus on employee training and development by the Group results in an increased level of service provided to the insurance brokers serviced by the Group as well as insureds under policies issued through the Group and demonstrates the company’s desire to adhere to the highest standard of business conduct at all times.

The Group also established a London-based Intellectual Property (“IP”) Insurance underwriting presence headed up by an experienced IP Professional during 2019. The Directors consider that this has made the Group’s IP Insurance offerings more accessible to London-based and other international brokers.

A dividend in the amount of £1,600,000 was made to the Company’s shareholder during 2019.

The directors continue to work closely with the company’s shareholders and other stakeholders, paying due regard to the interests of all stakeholders in pursuance at all times to the promotion of the success of the Group.